What’s Hot in Luxury Lifestyle Magazines?

Living a life of luxury comes with some responsibilities. These are making sure that everything relied on to maintain this type of lifestyle is reliable. This means having good sources of information which can act as a guide for the wealthy.


There is no doubt that the internet is an excellent source of information. It has not replaced magazines, although it has changed the way they are presented. Many of the luxury lifestyle magazines are available in a readable format on the web. Instead of them being delivered to peoples homes, they are now accessed electronically.

The wealthy are going to have their own favourites when it comes to which of the many luxurious lifestyle magazines which are available. The following are just a few examples:

  • UH Magazine:

Part of the lifestyle of the wealthy is what makes up their entertainment. This magazine covers all the perks which the wealthy enjoy in their lifestyle. Such as food, travel, music and films.

  • The Resident:

A full mix of all the exciting things which make up a luxury lifestyle. Those who fit into this category can rely on this magazine to give them a little bit of everything if its something that can fit in nicely to the luxury lifestyle.

  • Ape to Gentleman:

The men who can live a luxurious lifestyle usually are as fashion conscious as the women are. Now some magazines cater just to them.

  • Your Coffee Break Magazine:

The focus on this magazine is outside of the entertainment categories for the wealthy, and zeros in more on topics such as career management, dating and relationships.

These are just a few interesting examples of luxury magazines which cater to the wealthy and their lifestyles. They are well used by the rich, to help them with their purchases and enhance their lifestyles.