Trends in the World of Hotels

At any given time, there is a large number of trends in the hotel world. Most of the times, the trends are first visible in the larger cities around the globe. For yes, hotel trends are global even if they do not look exactly the same all over the world.

As there are so many trends concurrently, you can easily pick a hotel that displays a trend that you find interesting. If, for example, you like smaller hotels with a more personalized approach, you can look for boutique hotels. If you instead prefer large hotels which run like clocks, pick one of the major hotels.

Design Hotels With Personalized Rooms

For quite some time now, one of the major trends in the hotel business has been towards a more personalized experience. Smaller hotels, with different interior decoration for each room. As an example of this trend, check out for example a design hotel in Copenhagen.

Design hotels as such is not a new thing. Designers have been involved in decorating hotels for a long time. The difference between then and now is that in sixties and seventies, the designer made the complete interior for large hotels. Today, the designers work with small, exclusive design hotels. Sometimes they even make a few rooms and suites and not all of the hotel.

Eco Hotels With Environmental Focus

Another major trend at the moment is the eco hotels. Those are hotels where everything has been chosen with the environment in mind. All textiles, beds and furniture are made from eco-friendly materials and with production methods that are environmentally safe.

Even the hotel restaurants are normally included in the ambition. All food is cooked from natural ingredients, to form healthy yet spectacular dishes that will satisfy your appetite while not being harmful to the planet.

In line with the eco trend, some hotels have even gone so far as to make daily change of the towels optional. If you re-use your towels for more than one day, you will contribute to the environment by saving water.