What is Data Transformation for Marketers?

Every marketer is looking for ways to optimize their work all the time. That’s the only way they can help their business grow to new heights. So for this, many marketers learn new skills to stay a step further from their competition.

And one of the most essential skills to have is Data Transformation. But what is it exactly, and why is it so important? Continue reading to find out!


First, let’s talk about what data transformation is. To put it simply, it’s a process where you take your existing data and format it into something else. For example, in marketing, you might need to format some of your orders into other currencies to better understand how your business is doing.


Now that you know what data transformation is, you might be scratching your head, thinking about why a marketer needs it. Having correct data is extremely important as it helps you create better marketing decisions.

For example, data transformation will help you get a clearer picture of how profitable your products are and where you need to improve. That clarity leads to choosing the right decisions, which in the long term will increase your sales.


So as you can see, data transformation is fundamental. And if you’re looking for an easy data transformation solution, then I highly suggest you give Funnel a try. With it, you can connect all your data sources to one.