Why Every Marketer Needs to Learn Data Visualization

Nowadays, marketers need to learn many skills to become a good ones. Not only do you need to know sales, but you also need to learn about copywriting, how to conduct market research, and so much more.

And one of the most critical skills on that list is data visualization. But why is it so important? Continue reading to find out.

Why is Data Visualization so Important For Marketing in 2022?

Nowadays, businesses rely a lot on data. With it, they can make better decisions, learn about the market, and become more profitable! And for that reason alone, marketers need to know it.

With the proper skills, you will learn what your ideal customer wants from you and learn to create better ads and other marketing material.

However, there’s one thing about data visualization. It’s not as easy as looking at graphs and making decisions. The thing is, while numbers don’t lie, they can be misleading when looking from the wrong angle.

So a big part of data visualization is to understand if you’re looking from the proper perspective.


Making Data Visualization Easy

So as you can see, data visualization is more challenging than it looks! So now you might wonder if there’s any way to make it easy?

Well, while there isn’t a way to help you make more rational decisions other than looking at data through different lenses, there is a way to make the process quicker.

And that’s with a software called “Funnel” With this software, you can automatically collect all software into one place. That means you won’t have to go through the painful process of doing it manually:

  • Downloading the data from different sources.
  • Cleaning the data.
  • Then grouping it.
  • And finally, visualizing the data and making decisions.

So with Funnel, you can just skip the first three steps and get to visualizing it immediately!



So as you can see, data visualization is a vital skill for any marketer. So make sure to get a course on data visualization, and soon you’ll find yourself making better decisions and getting more results.