Luxury Living and Luxury Fitness

Those who enjoy a life of luxury often are intent on looking the part and have a passion for fitness. There have been studies which indicate that people who are wealthy tend to do more exercise. The reason for this is because many of the rich are called weekend warriors. They make the most of their weekends by getting all their significant physical activity during this time.

Luxury Gyms

With money being available for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it means the rich can afford to frequent some of the most luxurious and prestigious gyms in the world. These include:

  • The Houstonian, Houston
  • East Bank Club, Chicago
  • Zenergy, Sun Valley
  • Sitaras Fitness, New York

Home Gyms

Luxury homes have plenty of space in which a room can be designated for the home gym. As the rooms are also usually quite big, it means the home gym can be most impressive in a variety of ways. As more people are becoming proactive with their health, this is setting a lot of trends for what the home gym should be comprised of.

Home Gym Designs

Luxury fashion calls for attention to the design of the home gym. There are most likely options as to where the gym can be situated. This will be important and can make a difference in the future. As new workout concepts develop, the luxury homeowner may want to be able to expand their gym, which will create the need for additional space. Other important features the luxury gym has to possess, are having access to natural light, and that there is good ventilation.


Being rich means that those who are can invest in some really heavy duty state of the art exercise equipment. Most will check out all the luxury lifestyle magazines to see what is hot on the market for these types of products. The purchases should relate to fitness goals.