Check Out the Swedish Fashion in Stockholm

Swedish fashion is up and coming. It has been slowly making progress towards the international scene and is just about to enter it. Thus, it is the perfect time to go visit Stockholm and check out some of the local designers working on the international scene and perhaps buy some garments.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and it is beautifully situated almost on the water, with canals and coastline in the city center. There is plenty of luxurious shopping in the city, but we recommend that you look for the local high-fashion to get something unique.

Book a room at a lovely boutique hotel in Stockholm, and you’ll have the city center right outside the hotel door.

Ida Sjöstedt Showroom

For some real couture, make an appointment at the Ida Sjöstedt Showroom at Kungsholmen in central Stockholm. You’ll be treated with a wide range of couture that will make you feel like a princess or a riot girl, whichever you prefer. The team at the showroom is professional and will help you with everything you might need.

Ida Sjöstedt regularly dresses the Swedish princesses, as well as various celebrities at galas and events.


In 1999 Carin Rodebjer began selling her designs in New York where she lived at the time. Since then, the brand has grown in popularity in Sweden, and is today one of the most well-known fashion brands. Through the years, it has won many fashion awards.

The signature silhouette is slouchy, easy to wear but still well dressed. Suits and sets, drapey caftans and kimonos are all part of the brand. The garments work equally well during day and night, and at work and home. It is high fashion design, made easy to wear.

Filippa K

Filippa K is perhaps the opposite of Rodebjer, but just as iconic. The aim when the brand was created, by Filippa Knutsson in 1993, was to make the simple but high quality garments with a feminine touch that was lacking in the market at the time.

This proved to be a recipe for success, and the vision of Filippa K still remains the same today. The garments are well designed and made, very feminine while still timeless. It is easy to use the pieces for a strict business look, but styled differently they are perfect for parties and events as well.