The Luxurious Basement

When space is undoubtedly at a premium, as it is with so many homes throughout the UK, then the solution to the problem may be the addition of a basement. It is something which has begun to trend, especially in London. However, one may think that the primary purpose would be to use this new space as storage. The fashion basement is far from this.

The Basement Swimming Pool

For those who have the money, they most definitely will want a swimming pool. For the luxury-minded swimming pools are certainly a fashion however, they may not have the property to accommodate it. Having cash buys a lot of extra perks, and the new luxurious basement has become the home for many built-in swimming pools. It is a great place for the fashion conscious to be able to wear the latest looks in swimwear.

Games and Recreation

Another use for the fashion basement which is trending is using the new space for games and recreation. There are undoubtedly many people who have chosen to have built-in theatres in this part of their home. A perfect opportunity to show off their latest and most fashionable attire.

For Staff

Gone are the days of the coach houses for the accommodation of staff, such as nannies and au pairs. The new ultra-modern fashion styled basement serves this purpose well, offering all the living amenities in style for the home employees.

Unusual Ideas

There are some among the affluent who have taken the basement use to another level in the home fashion category by using them as:

  • Garages
  • Libraries
  • Gun storage areas
  • A car museum
  • A banquet hall
  • An artificial beach

The concept that there isn’t much that money can’t buy is evident in the vast array of uses for basements.

Taking the Luxurious Home to Another Level

By using a basement for the creation of extra space, it takes the luxury home to another level.