Fashionable Walk-In Wardrobes

Fashion for the luxury home is a category all of its own. Each room presents its challenges as to what is going to be classed as the latest thing or trend. One area which is trending when it comes to attracting attention is the walk-in wardrobe. There are very few luxury homes that haven’t had some emphasis on walk-in wardrobes. At the same time, if anything is going to be outdated in the house, this would be near the top of the list.

The His and Hers

There was a time when the walk-in wardrobe was the property of the lady of the house. Mostly because those who are enjoying luxurious living are also extremely fashion conscious in their attire. Meaning that they need proper storage for the many different costly clothes and accessories. The other issue is the amount of them. This at one time would far supersede what the man possesses. This has all changed, and men have become as fashion conscious as the women are. They, too now own a lot more, which has to be appropriately taken care of. This leads to his and hers wardrobes.

  • The trend: The trend is to split the wardrobe in half with each having their section. Aside from hanging space, there is a need for more shelving and drawer space, which the men tend to require more of.

The Room Within a Room Wardrobe

Modern-day wardrobes tend to be looked at more like a room within a room, as opposed to being an accessory for the bedroom. This has created the trend of decorating the room as extra space. Not only for what it may store but for providing a pleasant atmosphere for the time which is going to be spent there. A lot of time is utilised in matching and trying on clothes. With the ultra modern wardrobe, it all takes place within this space.