Organise Your Kitchen Cupboards

Don’t you hate it when you feel really inspired to cook a lovely, healthy meal for yourself or for your family and all of a sudden not a single one of the things you need is to be found in your kitchen cupboard? Even though they are brimming with bags and tins and whatnot?

Well, there is a solution to that problem, and a satisfying one at that. Organize your cupboards. Doesn’t sound very appealing? Give it a go, and you’ll discover the feeling of perfection once you’re done. No more rummaging about to find that you are missing some key ingredient, but instead you’ll have a perfect overview of what’s in your cupboards.

Take Everything Out

Start with taking every single item out of the cupboards. Sort them according to contents, and to size as well. Throw away things that have passed the best before date.

This is where you may find that you need to buy some more containers to get rid of opened plastic bags that are spilling their contents all over the shelves. A nice set of uniform containers is pleasing to the eye as well.

Label the Shelves

Get clear custom labels from StickerApp and label the containers as well as the shelves. That way the rest of the family will know what’s inside, and where things should go once they have been used.

Put Everything Back In

Now, put everything back according to the labels on the shelves. Notice the sense of calm and perfection that is arising as more and more stuff are placed where they should be.