Kickstart the Festive Mood – Visit a Christmas Market i Copenhagen

Make sure to charge your batteries before all the stress of December kicks in. Take off for a weekend of luxury and christmas markets in Copenhagen. Stay at the best 5 star hotel in Copenhagen and enjoy all the benefits of a great hotel.

Take a leisurely stroll around town and visit some of the famous Danish christmas markets. In Copenhagen alone, there are several markets to choose from. They all have the festive atmosphere, and the smell of mulled wine is alluring.

Buy christmas decorations, ornaments and christmas gifts from the merchants in the small stalls. The items on offer are often unique and can not be purchased anywhere else.

Tivoli Gardens

In Tivoli Gardens, the holidays are celebrated from mid-November. Thousands of lights will brighten the cold and dark evenings and nights, and put all visitors in a happy mood. The christmas tree in the gardens is decorated with 3000 Swarovski crystals which makes it sparkle like nothing you have laid eyes on before.

The gardens are full of rides and there are numerous places where you can sample traditional christmas food. Santa Claus is there to listen to all kids’ (and adults’) wishes. And naturally, most of the rides are open as well.

Nyhavn Christmas Market

Nyhavn, the part of Copenhagen situated just at the harbour of the city, is transformed to a christmas market during all of December. Along the harbour, the stalls are packed closely together. All things christmas are on sale, and the lovely fragrances of mulled wine lingers around the water.
Stock up on christmas decorations and gifts for your loved ones, or just stroll slowly and let the christmas spirit take you over. The christmas elfs are on site during the weekends, and a couple of days every week you can watch the traditional Carlsberg horse carriage.

All restaurants you normally find on Nyhavn are open, so should you experience a christmas overload, sneak into one of the pubs and go for some traditional Danish foods and a glass of wine. Or, being in Denmark, have some local beer.