Focus Your Work to be More Successful

If you run your own business, you know that it is not only the business side that needs attending to. All the other bits and pieces are just as important, and takes just as much time, if not more. Paying bills, accounting, administration… you name it. It’s all there and it all needs to be done, even though it doesn’t create new income.

To be a smart business owner you should strive to release time to focus on the things that really help you grow and thrive. Collect as many apps and tech gadgets as needed to automate all the boring daily or weekly tasks. But do choose wisely, as you don’t want to end up managing apps instead of doing the actual administration, but rather freeing up time to grow your business.

Customer Retention

Creating successful business is not just about attracting customers. It is also about keeping your customers coming back. That takes just as much work. To help you, Planhat has a system to keep track of your customers health score. Create your own key metrics and your own triggers. Once a trigger has been set off, you know that you need to pay that customer some kind of extra attention.

Place your customers in different groups, with different key metrics and you will save yourself a lot of manual labour. The different groups can be addressed in different ways to suit their category the best and offer them services, packages or goods that they will appreciate and hopefully sign up for.