Compose a High Class Liquor Cabinet

A few random half-full bottles of cheap gin do not make for an impressive liquor cabinet. Sure, you could offer a G&T, but it will neither be classy nor very tasty. Instead, you should invest in your liquor cabinet. Keeping it well stocked will not only be impressive, it will also inspire all kinds of new and lovely cocktails.

A cocktail shaker, a blender, a long bar spoon and an ice pick make up the basic equipment. Mark the placement for each, as well as for the bottles with stickers from a clear custom labels maker.

Alcoholic Beverages

To keep a minimalistic liquor cabinet, you’ll need five kinds of alcohol: Gin, Vodka, Rum, Cognac and Single Malt Whisky. Now, that’s the easy part. The real trick is selecting the brands. Naturally, you should go for high-end brands with high ranking internationally.

As for single malt whiskies, you should stock a few brands with varying degrees of smokiness. Light and dark rum have different usages, so you should stock both. Gin is really a matter of taste, but choose both a classic one and a more modern one to accommodate differences in taste.


To add a touch of real class, you should keep a few types of glasses. At least you’ll need  highball glasses, martini glasses, rocks glasses and shots glasses. Should you be so inclined, margarita glasses are also an integral part of your glassware collection.

The Ice

For the final touch, make the effort to have large ice cubes readily available. One large ice cube does not only look nice, it also keeps your drink cold longer and does not melt as fast.