5 Best Types of Stickers

Stickers are excellent ways of expressing yourself. You can stick them anywhere and show off your personality. But what type of stickers are best for expression? That’s what you’re about to find out. In this blog post, I’ve listed the 5 best types out there! So if that interests you, then keep on reading.

#1 – Wall Stickers

Starting with our list are the wall stickers. These come in various sizes and are perfect for displaying your personality through a resonating quote or an incredible illustration.

#2 – Car Bumper Stickers

But what if you want to express yourself outside your home? Well, then the best next thing is to attach a bumper sticker to your car. You can add your Instagram profile and resonating quote there.

#3 – Hard Hat Stickers

But what if you’re driving a motorcycle? Well, then the best thing is to get a hard hat sticker for your helmet. Like the previous ones, this sticker is best used for a resonating quote or an awesome drawing.

#4 – Holographic Stickers

Tired of the same old sticker? Well, why not add a holographic effect to it. These stickers can be stuck anywhere and will grab attention.

#5 – Laptop Stickers

And lastly, let’s talk about laptop stickers. These are unique stickers for showing off a resonating quote or an epic illustration the next time you’re in a coffee shop.


And these are the best stickers for expression. If you’d like to create custom stickers yourself, then the best place for this would be Stickerapp. There you can easily upload your design and get high-quality stickers delivered to your doorstep.