4 Differences Between Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts

Nowadays, it is a bit difficult to find the differences between dress shirts and casual ones. That’s because not all collared shirts are formal. But to be a stylish man, you need to know the differences.

So in this blog post, you’ll learn the four key differences between the two. If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.




Let’s start with t

he collar. In formal, the collars are stiffer to give you that sharp look you’re looking for. However, that could be uncomfortable. So instead, casual shirts have a broader collar to make them more comfortable; hence stiffer collars are associated with dress shirts.


Another big difference comes in what fabrics are used in the shirt. For dressier occasions, you have a small selection to choose from. The cloth tends to have more lustrous fabric and tight cotton.

However, that’s the exact opposite for casual shirts, and you have near-limitless possibilities of fabrics to use.


Regarding formality, colors and the shirt patterns play a significant role! So what colors and patterns suit a formal look?

Well, there isn’t much. That’s because formal wear is more conservative and uses more neutral colors such as white, light grey, light blue, pink, and others. And in terms of patterns, they are kept at a minimum.

But casual, on the other hand, doesn’t have these restrictions. So with casual shirts, you go as bold as you want!


Casual shirts tend to have cuffs with buttons. They are practical and practical to use! However, formal shirts take it to another level. Instead of giving you buttons, the most formal shirts have french cuffs that let you choose your own cufflinks. That gives a small way to express yourself.


And those are the main differences between formal and casual shirts! So if you’re looking for a new dress shirt, I highly recommend Eton. They have a great variety and are made with quality materials. You can check them out here!