3 Best Places to Put Logo Stickers

Stickers are great assets for any business. They can be used to bring more value to every order or to help promote the brand inexpensively. But where should you put your logo stickers? That’s what you’re about to find out.

#1 – On Your Company Car

The first place we highly recommend you to put your logo stickers is on your car. That’s because this is basically a free advertisement. While it might not help convert any stranger to a paying customer, it gives your brand some awareness, which is helpful for future conversions.

#2 – On Your Laptop

Another place you should stick your logo sticker is on your laptop. The reasoning behind it is the same as for your car; it’s a moving advertisement. So next time you’re in your favorite coffee shop, some people will notice your company logo.

#3 – On Your Office Wall

If you have big wall stickers lying around, putting them on your office wall will help you drastically. Not only will it brand your office, but whenever a client comes in, they will think of your company as a professional.


And these are the 3 best places to put your logo stickers. If you’re looking to print some logos for sticking them to any of these mentioned places, then I recommend you order logo stickers online  at Stickerapp. There they have made it easy and cheap to get the best quality stickers.