Spend a weekend in Copenhagen

What could be more “hygge” than a weekend in the lovely capital of Denmark, Copenhagen? Hygge, you ask. Yes, hygge. It is a very Danish word meaning cozy, nice, lovely, great. And a visit to the danish capital really is a lot of hygge.

You can easily reach Copenhagen from Kastrup, the airport. Should you prefer train, Hovedbanegården is the central station and it is located at the heart of the city centre. Check in at a modern hotel in Copenhagen, and you are all set. The hygge is yours to enjoy!

What To Do

Copenhagen is nicely situated by the sea. Start with visiting Nyhavn, a small part of the city located right at the seafront. From here you can catch a guided boat trip around the city, or just relax with a beer at any one of the plentiful pubs around the harbour.

After checking out the water in Nyhavn, walk a few steps across the Kongens Nytorv and you will find yourself at Ströget, the world famous pedestrian area. It is said to be one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe. Any shopping cravings you might have will be satisfied here. You can find both budget-friendly chains and high-end brand stores.

At the other end of Ströget is Rådhuspladsen. Cross it and you are at the gates of Tivoli, the amusement park in Copenhagen.

What To Eat

Well, when in Denmark you must have a Danish pastry, of course. Look for one with chocolate in the middle, which is very Danish. Combine it with coffee and you have a nice sweet snack.

Another typically Danish thing to eat are the red sausages. The sausages are boiled and they are served with a bun on the side, and mustard and ketchup as well. Roasted onions is commonly added as well. When eating, you do not put the sausage in the bun, but eat them separately. And watch out for the mustard, because it is HOT. Have a Tuborg Grön with the sausage for a truly Danish experience. Often the combination is called “A red and a green”, as Grön means green.