Make Your Life Easier

We all want to live easy lives, don’t we? And no, easy does not have to mean “free of things”. Even if you have lots of things, it is possible to have an easy life. 

Start with defining an easy life. Your definition may be different from others’, so you should be clear on what you want to achieve. Below, we will give you some tips that work for most of us. On top of these, there may be other things that you could do or focus on to get you to where you want to be. 

Organize Your Things

This is a classic. But it is a classic for a reason! Life really does get easier when you know where your stuff is and don’t have to spend lots of time looking for it. And as a bonus you could also find out that you have things that you no longer care for and can get rid of. Sell, give to charity or throw away, the choice is yours. 

Make custom stickers online and label boxes and shelves so you know what’s inside. 

Leave Space in Your Planner

This may sound like a weird tip, but really, it works. Sometimes our planners are so crammed with activities, that even if the activities themselves are fun, we don’t really enjoy them because we keep thinking about the next thing to do. 

With a fully booked calendar it is also more difficult to follow spurs of the moment and do things that would make us happy right then and there.