Luxurious Hotel Breakfast

Even though most hotel breakfasts can feel luxurious enough, having breakfast at a real luxury hotel only available to the very wealthy, will be a very different affair. And one worth dreaming about, we might add.

If you decide to go to the breakfast room and not order it to your room, you will sit down at a nicely laid table with silver chinaware. Coffee of your choice will be served in small, delicate cups. Naturally, you will be served at the table and choose your breakfast from a breakfast menu.

What Do the Wealthy Eat for Breakfast?

Well, almost the same as anyone else. Or even in some cases, more boring stuff. Being rich and famous also comes with the pressure to look good. And if you spend a large amount of nights at hotels, the hotel breakfast turns into you everyday wake-up food. In order to stay fit and be prepared for the day, you can not enjoy all the delicate choices and offerings, but have to stick to a tad more humble meal.

What’s on The Breakfast Menu, Then?

So, even if the wealthy do not always have the possibility to take advantage of and really enjoy the magnificent breakfasts that are on offer, the menus are still there. Some of the high-end hotels will serve breakfast to non-guests. If you are curious and want to treat yourself, a hotel breakfast could be a way of getting a taste of the life of the rich and famous.

Eggs will be on the menu, in so many shapes and forms that you would wish you could try them all. Scrambled, fried, poached, omelettes, boiled… And naturally, they are made to order and served when they are ready. And eggs Benedicte, of course, as well as pancakes and waffles.

The rest of the breakfast menu will contain almost anything you can imagine. The difference from the hotel breakfasts that you have had will be that everything will be made to order and served at your table by attentive waiters. And, should the thing you crave not be on the menu, the cooks can probably make it for you anyways.