Host the Most Extravagant Halloween Party Ever Seen

Originally, Halloween is the time of year for remembrance of those family members who have passed away. You light candles on the graves and decorate with flowers. In recent years, the holiday has become more and more centered around horror and scary decorations.

Halloween might very well be the time to throw THE party of the year. Naturally, with a full masquerade and complete with scary decorations. Even the food should be in theme.

For The Biggest Effect – Host The Party at Your House

Do you remember when you were you young(er), and people threw house parties? Lots of music, lots of people, cheap beer and wine and crisps on the floor. Even though it was cheap not well planned, the house parties still were great.

Hosting a really big and spectacular party at your house as a grown-up is a great way of showing off your lovely house while at the same time create a really impressive part that people will talk about forever. The feeling of people having a great time everywhere, but with a slightly more grown-up and well-off feeling.

To get every detail right, you should hire a party planner. Some wedding planners also do other kinds of parties, else there are any number of great event agencies out there.

Costumes – A Must

Making your party into a costume party or masquerade is a perfect way of adding a festive feeling to your party. It will get the party going from the start, and everybody will be in a great mood. Costumes also acts as icebreakers and will help people mingle.

As the host, make sure to wear an elaborate costume. Let people know in advance that you will make the extra effort. This will inspire your guests as well. Naturally, do not unveil the exact costume until the party, but keep it as a surprise.

Keep the Theme And Offer A Scary Buffet

For a extravagant party, every little detail should be kept in theme. Check with the caterers that they will create and serve a scary buffet.

Keep a bowl of punch available throughout the party. Using dry ice in it will create smoke flowing from it, and of course it should be coloured blue or green. Red wine is a natural choice, as is any Halloween beer.