Hire a professional stylist, to put your style together

Let’s face it – not all of us are born with the delicate sense of style that makes every single item in our wardrobe fit together. We buy garments that we love and wear, but they do not always match each other.

If you hire a personal stylist, he or she will help you overcome that. You will get a wardrobe where you love each and every item and they can all be combined. Probably you will also find yourself wearing things you never even looked at before, and both feel and look good in them.

How Does It Work?

It is not magic. Personal stylists are human beings just like you and me. But they also have a sense of style and a feeling for combinations. In addition to that, they also have the benefit of not being you, which means that they can look at you and your wardrobe from the outside, without most of the feelings we attach to it.

Knowing how to contact might be a hard thing. If you don’t have any friends who can recommend somebody, start looking through magazines and find a celebrity who you think has a style you like. Make sure the style is consistent, and then find out who dresses him or her.

There are several personal stylists to choose from, and the most popular are fully booked most of the time. Sometimes they have a waiting list or they can recommend somebody else to contact.

Once you have found a personal stylist, you will give him or her your measurements. You will discuss what you want from your wardrobe and how you like to dress. Based on that, he or she will put together a wardrobe for you. You will always approve the recommendations, of course.

Can I Still Go Shopping?

Yes, of course you can still go shopping if you like to. One of the benefits of having a personal stylist is that you will have a partner in crime when you go shopping. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go shopping, you don’t have to.

You will most likely not get a yes on everything you would want to buy (if you did, you wouldn’t need a personal stylist, would you?), but on the other hand you are likely to try on some things you wouldn’t have looked at otherwise.