Go Skiing In the Alps

This time of year is perfect for skiing vacations. To make the most of your trip, you should head for the Alps. Choose your destination according to your preferences, the selection of resorts is large and varied enough to accommodate any and all requests.

Skiing in March provides the perfect mix of sunshine, lots of snow and good temperatures. Normally, you don’t have to fight freezing winds and icy slopes, but can instead enjoy great runs in well-prepared pists. Off-pist conditions depends on the weather, as always, but as the snow coverage is usually good the possibilities for lovely snow fields are ample.

Rich and Famous

Verbier, the largest resort in the 4 vallées system, has really made a name for itself. And rightly so, we would say. In Verbier you can combine amazing skiing with crowded après ski and shopping of all famous brands. Not to mention the cuisine and the restaurants, offering high class food with breathtaking views.

Accomodation is available all through Verbier. Do note that the village is rather spread out, and not all hotels are within walking distance of the lifts so in some cases you will have to take the free shuttle to hit the slopes. Hotel W Verbier is located right at the foot of the lift, making it an ideal place to stay.

Hardcore Ski Bum

For the hardcore ski bum looking for endless offpist runs, La Grave in France is the place. There is just one gondola servicing the village, but from the top of it you have two spectacular runs with more than 2000 metres of drop. This is really a treat for the advanced skier, but if you do not feel confident on all kinds of snow and in all terrain, La Grave is not for you.

The village La Grave has no more than 500 inhabitants, and the accommodation is not in the five star range. However, there are acceptable options that will offer enough comfort.

French Variation

A classical ski resort in France is Chamonix. The village is surrounded by five systems, whereof two are accessible from the village itself. Another two are located in the picturesque village Argentière, just north of Chamonix itself. All systems are serviced by the local free shuttle.

In Chamonix, there are plenty of restaurants and lots of shopping in all price ranges. Should you feel the need to take a break from skiing, you will find plenty to do. If the weather is good, we would recommend taking the gondola to the Aiguille du Midi, and continuing with the second ride as well. At the summit you are at 3777 m and have an unrestricted 360 view of the Alps. Bring warm clothes, and wear sunscreen and sunglasses!