This classic life wisdom is not only true for your personal life, but also for the professional part of life. Because, let’s face it, not all of the tasks at work are created equal. Some you love doing and gain a great satisfaction from, others are just… work, that you more or less have to force yourself to complete. 

For us, marketing administration is one of those dreadful things that we put off as long as possible and then plough through to complete. But we have found a few things that make this less time consuming and also slightly more enjoyable. 

Get a Good Software Tool

This may sound silly, but really, not all tools are equally good. Or fits you and your needs, for that matter. After trying a few, we came across the digital marketing tool from Funnel, and now we will look no further. This tool has everything we need and it is easy to use as well.

Make a Placeholder

Create a weekly placeholder in your calendar. We propose either Monday morning when you have lots of energy for the coming week, or Friday morning where the completed tasks will help you ease into the weekend. 

And, not to forget: keep your appointment! Once the calendar says it’s time, get to work with the tasks. 

By doing your chores regularly and often, you will be surprised that they take less and less time. That’s because doing things when you have them in fresh memory is easier than when you have forgotten most of the things about them.