Check Out What’s Up in Oslo, Norway

Do you hesitate visiting Oslo, the capital of Norway due to it being too small and not meeting your standards? Don’t! Nothing could be more wrong than underestimating this city bustling with life. And as for the standard, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Oslo is full of high-end places both for shopping, staying and eating. 

Book a room at a lovely boutique hotel in Oslo and pack your bags for a weekend of sightseeing, discovering and relaxing. And do remember to leave some space in your bag, because there is a lot of shopping possibilities in Oslo as well.  

Enjoy the City

Start by getting a good look at the city. We would recommend trying the Panoramic sightseeing tour. The bus trip lets you see all the famous sights of the city such as the Vigeland park, Holmenkollen ski jump arena and Akershus Castle and Fortress. During the ride the guide will tell you about the city’s history, and at the Vigeland park you will get a guided tour through the park. 

The Panoramic tour is a perfect way to see as much as possible of Oslo in as short time as possible, and it is really 3 hours well spent. 

High-End Shopping

Oslo is full of high-end shopping. You’ll find well-known brand stores such as Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Kate Spade, Burberry, Hermès and Louis Vuitton to mention a few. 

Practically enough, most of the shops are located close to each other, meaning that you can get a great shopping tour in almost no time. And while you’re in Oslo, don’t miss out the local shops, such as Steen & Strøm where you can still find a good selection of designer clothes. 


One of the most famous Norwegians is Thor Heyerdahl. He became famous when he crossed the pacific Ocean on a Balsawood raft named Kon-Tiki. In Oslo, this is commemorated at the Kon-Tiki museum. 

At the museum the original raft Kon-Tiki as well as its successors Ra and Tigris are on display along with other exhibits from the tours made by Heyerdahl. Also, there is an underwater exhibit with a 10-metre model of a whale shark. Information about the places Heyerdahl visited, for example Easter Islands and Galapagos is also readily available.