Best Hotels in Copenhagen

When you are heading over to Copenhagen next time, why not step it up a bit and explore the best that this Nordic gem has to offer? Go big or go home, right? The three top hotels in Copenhagen are Nimb Hotel, Hotel d’Angleterre, and Rye115 Hotel. These three hotels are wildly different and exquisite in their unique way. Rye115 Hotel, as the name suggests, a place where Nordic design is at the forefront. Each little item has been selected with care and a keen sense of taste. It is modern, playful, and thoughtful, with a certain degree of modesty.

Less modest, however, are  Nimb Hotel and Hotel d’Angleterre. Nimb Hotel is the number one hotel in Copenhagen in Tripadvisor and this exclusive boutique hotel is truly mind blowing. It is simply stunning beyond belief and you need to see it with your own eyes, preferably in person! Next time you are heading out for a conference in Copenhagen, tell your boss to book you in at Nimb Hotel or treat yourself.




Hotel d’Angleterre is also magnificent and classy. Very classy, that is. They have a Michelin-starred called Restaurant Marchal but start your evening with an amazing cocktail or a glass of champagne at the Balthazar Champagne Bar. Want to relax? Then it is about time you enjoy a massage at the “Amazing Space” Spa or go for a swim. Class and elegance are the keywords here, with a perfect combination of Victorian architecture and contemporary Nordic design.